Separation of (political) powers


Constitutional Chamber restricts Parliament’s control functions

The judgment came a few minutes the bell ring. The same day the National Assembly -controlled by the opposition- planned to approve a report to override […]

T.S.J. declares the validity of the economic emergency

More than giving judgment, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice threw a rope to the National Assembly. “They seek to tie the Parliament’s […]

TSJ supports emergency decree and endorses notion of “economic war”

The Supreme Court not only upheld the constitutionality of the economic emergency decree issued by President Nicolás Maduro on January 15, 2016. In a single sentence, […]

TSJ reduces competence of states and increases power of executive branch

All the power to the central government. Although Article 4 of the Constitution states that “the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a decentralised Federal State,” the […]

Supreme Court appoints chavista directors to lead Electoral Council

The President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, made his position very clear from the beginning. “I have no problem. We go to the Supreme Court, […]

TSJ does not allow people to be consulted on withdrawal from Andean Community

For the Supreme Court, the voice of a man is worth more than 30 million citizens. Although the various bodies of the State boast a “participatory […]

Supreme Court eliminated Central Bank’s autonomy and allowed Gov’t to handle billions of dollars with no control.

“The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court had it in their hands the possibility to save the Venezuelan economy but, as always, chose to agree with […]