Separation of (political) powers


El TSJ gave green light to the military to use weapons in demonstrations

Although the article 68 of the Constitution clearly states that “the use of firearms and toxic substances in the control of peaceful demonstrations is prohibited” and […]

T.S.J. restricts the privilege of parliamentary immunity

Immunity, the mantle enjoyed by parliamentarians in the world to be able to exercise their jobs freely and without fear of ending behind bars, in Venezuela […]

Constitutional Chamber requested the Office of the Attorney General to prosecute the 109 opposition deputies

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) decided to sharpen the conflict that began with the National Assembly and for this it asked the Office of the […]

Highest tribunal sees nothing wrong with the president “chaining” the radio and TV

To the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), the fact that the President of the Republic can order all television and radio stations to broadcast his speeches […]

The T.S.J. shielded Nicolás Maduro from the amendment being studied by the National Assembly

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) put a stop to the attempts by the opposition majority of the National Assembly to early evict Nicolás Maduro from […]

T.S.J. shields itself before the National Assembly by preventing it from reforming its law

A siege of protection against the National Assembly was raised by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), which not only rejected the […]

T.S.J. overruled the Amnesty for considering it would provoke an “outrageous impunity”

Considering that “nothing leads or collaborates to a national reconciliation” but seeks “an outrageous impunity to the public morality detriment, subverting the moral and legal order […]

The Justices “meddle” in the inner life of the National Assembly to restrict the deputies

Under the logic of the Constitutional Chamber, the legislators cannot reform the Organic Law of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, but the Justices can modify the […]

T.S.J. orders the National Assembly to refrain from conducting Venezuela’s foreign affairs

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) stated in the judgment 478 against the National Assembly “without any spirit of prejudging the merits […]

Without the BCV’s independence there will be no way out of the crisis

The judgment 259 of 31 March where the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) declares the Central Bank of Venezuela’s (B.C.V.) reform of 3 March unconstitutional, is […]