Right of Access to Information


Arcadio Delgado Rosales hides CADIVI’s list under seven keys

An official slogan to promote tourism presented Venezuela as “the best kept secret in the Caribbean”. The same can now be said of the list of […]

T.S.J denies information about websites blocking

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice is always “in agreement” with the government. As if it were a web page, the Political-Administrative Chamber “blocked” the request for […]

The right to information in pitiable conditions in the T.S.J.

There are no reasons for the unreason. Even when the civil association Espacio Público tried to request information according to the T.S.J. Constitutional Chamber guidelines, the […]

In the T.S.J. opacity has no solution

Because of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, in Venezuela opacity is an evil without cure. On 19 March 2012, three human rights organizations went to the […]

T.S.J. turns the income of civil servants into secret

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice put in the safe all the information regarding the income of civil servants, padlocked it and, then, threw the key out. […]

TSJ insists on endorsing previous censorship despite what the Constitution says

Although the article 57 of the Constitution establishes that “every person has the right to timely, truthful and impartial information, without censorship”, the Supreme Tribunal of […]

National Assembly Journal of Debates and Legislative Gazette will not be published

Do the people have the right to know what their representatives are discussing? The Political-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) gave the answer: […]

TSJ denied information about blocking websites

The Supreme Court is always “online” with the government. As if it were a website, the Administrative Chamber “blocked” the request for information filed by civil […]

TSJ eliminates right of reply for journalists and sets limits on editorial line of the media

Those winds brought these storms. The closure of newspapers and attacks against journalists did not come out of the blue. A judgment of the Constitutional Court […]

TSJ upholds opacity on economic indicators

The Venezuelan economy walks in the dark. Although Article 319 of the Constitution obliges the Central Bank of Venezuela to deliver “periodic reports on the behaviour […]