Transparency Venezuela filed a complaint against BCV president for not publishing economic indicators

Legal representatives of NGO Transparency Venezuela appeared before the Political-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), in order to file an action for negligence […]

Supreme Court endorses opacity of BCV

It was no surprise to anyone, but still, it was no less outrageous. On August 4, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled inadmissible the action for negligence […]

Supreme Court denies access to public information again and declares lawsuit against Dante Rivas “inadmissible”

The judiciary once again looks for excuses to deny access to public information and protect state institutions from having to give answers to citizens seeking information […]

The End of Transparency in Information. By Alan Brewer

About the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, which ruled as inadmissible the action for negligence against the president of the BCV, Nelson Merentes, filed […]

Impunity Reigns on the Lands of Ciudad Lebrún

Por Juan Francisco Alonso Impunity reigns with common familiarity on the lands of Lebrún, near Petare, Caracas, purchased in 2005 by the Supreme Court (TSJ) for […]

TSJ turns income of civil servants into a secret and restricts right to information

The Supreme Court put all the information on incomes of civil servants in a box, locked it and then threw away the key. In denying the […]

TSJ eliminates right of reply for journalists and sets limits on editorial line of the media

Those winds brought these storms. The closure of newspapers and attacks against journalists did not come out of the blue. A judgment of the Constitutional Court […]

TSJ endorses constitutionality of indefinite re-election

This was the aspiration of the late President Hugo Chavez. He introduced it in the Constitution of 1999. He intended to expand it in 2007, but […]

Human Rights Watch: Judiciary in Venezuela “has ceased to act as an independent branch”

The international organization Human Rights Watch presented its World Report 2016, an annual analysis of key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories […]