Constitutional Court


Without the BCV’s independence there will be no way out of the crisis

The judgment 259 of 31 March where the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) declares the Central Bank of Venezuela’s (B.C.V.) reform of 3 March unconstitutional, is […]

Constitutional Chamber restricts Parliament’s control functions

The judgment came a few minutes the bell ring. The same day the National Assembly -controlled by the opposition- planned to approve a report to override […]

Right to reply for journalists eliminated and limitations to the editorial line put into effect

Those winds brought these storms. The closure of media and the aggression against journalists did not just happen overnight. A judgment given by the Constitutional Chamber […]

T.S.J. declares the validity of the economic emergency

More than giving judgment, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice threw a rope to the National Assembly. “They seek to tie the Parliament’s […]

In the T.S.J. opacity has no solution

Because of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, in Venezuela opacity is an evil without cure. On 19 March 2012, three human rights organizations went to the […]

T.S.J. turns the income of civil servants into secret

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice put in the safe all the information regarding the income of civil servants, padlocked it and, then, threw the key out. […]

TSJ insists on endorsing previous censorship despite what the Constitution says

Although the article 57 of the Constitution establishes that “every person has the right to timely, truthful and impartial information, without censorship”, the Supreme Tribunal of […]

TSJ supports emergency decree and endorses notion of “economic war”

The Supreme Court not only upheld the constitutionality of the economic emergency decree issued by President Nicolás Maduro on January 15, 2016. In a single sentence, […]

TSJ turns income of civil servants into a secret and restricts right to information

The Supreme Court put all the information on incomes of civil servants in a box, locked it and then threw away the key. In denying the […]

TSJ endorses constitutionality of indefinite re-election

This was the aspiration of the late President Hugo Chavez. He introduced it in the Constitution of 1999. He intended to expand it in 2007, but […]