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TSJ eliminates right of reply for journalists and sets limits on editorial line of the media

Those winds brought these storms. The closure of newspapers and attacks against journalists did not come out of the blue. A judgment of the Constitutional Court […]

TSJ endorses constitutionality of indefinite re-election

This was the aspiration of the late President Hugo Chavez. He introduced it in the Constitution of 1999. He intended to expand it in 2007, but […]

TSJ upholds opacity on economic indicators

The Venezuelan economy walks in the dark. Although Article 319 of the Constitution obliges the Central Bank of Venezuela to deliver “periodic reports on the behaviour […]

TSJ rejects Transparency Venezuela’s action against unfair electoral conditions

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court became a lightning rod of sorts to repel all appeals against the election victory of President Nicolás Maduro. In […]

TSJ imposed censorship on the murder of prosecutor Danilo Anderson

The government handled the testimony and the silence of the “star witness.” The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court erected a fence around Giovanny Vásquez de […]

Supreme Court warns that NGOs receiving foreign financing may be prosecuted for treason

The Supreme Court placed the noose around the neck of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the country. Through a statement signed by Constitutional Court Justice Francisco Carrasquero, […]

TSJ endorsed chavista proposal to divide reform referendum into two blocks

“From my point of view, there is no possibility for the reform to be voted on in parts. The only possibility is the approval of at […]

TSJ ratifies validity of “contempt laws”, gives special protection to senior State officials

“The powerful may be touched only with a velvet glove.” In complete disregard of the progress of regional conventions and democratic principles, the Constitutional Chamber of […]

TSJ endorses silence of public institutions

The silence of the culprits. The Venezuelan Programme of Education-Action in Human Rights (PROVEA) requested on March 24, 2003 to the then Minister of Defence, José […]

TSJ ignores ruling of Inter-American Court and requests Government to denounce American Convention on Human Rights

They challenged the Government with their sentences and paid dearly for it. The Supreme Court expelled judges of the First Administrative Court Ana María Ruggeri Cova, […]
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