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T.S.J. orders the National Assembly to refrain from conducting Venezuela’s foreign affairs

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) stated in the judgment 478 against the National Assembly “without any spirit of prejudging the merits […]

T.S.J. declares unconstitutional Law of Misión Vivienda before the appetite of the real estate market

For the Constitutional Chamber, by granting the ownership of the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela’s  properties, the people with lower income could cede to the appetite of […]

T.S.J. rejects interpretation recourse on anticipated electoral propaganda

In a new opacity action, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) declares inadmissible an interpretation recourse introduced by Transparencia Venezuela on 2 November 2015 in order […]

Without the BCV’s independence there will be no way out of the crisis

The judgment 259 of 31 March where the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (T.S.J.) declares the Central Bank of Venezuela’s (B.C.V.) reform of 3 March unconstitutional, is […]

Constitutional Chamber restricts Parliament’s control functions

The judgment came a few minutes the bell ring. The same day the National Assembly -controlled by the opposition- planned to approve a report to override […]

T.S.J denies information about websites blocking

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice is always “in agreement” with the government. As if it were a web page, the Political-Administrative Chamber “blocked” the request for […]

Right to reply for journalists eliminated and limitations to the editorial line put into effect

Those winds brought these storms. The closure of media and the aggression against journalists did not just happen overnight. A judgment given by the Constitutional Chamber […]

The right to information in pitiable conditions in the T.S.J.

There are no reasons for the unreason. Even when the civil association Espacio Público tried to request information according to the T.S.J. Constitutional Chamber guidelines, the […]

T.S.J. declares the validity of the economic emergency

More than giving judgment, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice threw a rope to the National Assembly. “They seek to tie the Parliament’s […]

In the T.S.J. opacity has no solution

Because of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, in Venezuela opacity is an evil without cure. On 19 March 2012, three human rights organizations went to the […]
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